I’m a writer, mother, and dreamer who has always been a little different. I stumbled across the concept of Asperger’s Syndrome several years ago and learned I had a unique talent – I seem to be a translator, someone who deeply understands the world of Asperger’s, who can explain the Asperger’s world to “normal” people and the “normal” world to people with Asperger’s with a certain amount of success!

I live in Madison Wisconsin, which is a quirky place in and of itself (77 Square Miles Surrounded By Reality), and have a degree in English from Ripon College, where I was a member of the co-ed fraternity Theta Sigma Tau. I love Shakespeare, Joss Whedon’s sense of humor, Boston Terriers, and dark chocolate, not necessarily in that order.

Started the blog in order to promote my mystery novel, Asperger Sunset (available in paperback or Kindle: click here to purchase), but would also love to connect with readers, writers, and folks in the Asperger’s/autism community to exchange ideas and just to chat!

Thanks for reading.


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