Ghost of Heffron College

After his roommate is forced to leave, Kyle Zander finds himself sharing his Heffron College dorm room with a ghost—a melancholy spirit with no memory of who he was or how he died. Working with only a vague spectral appearance and a nickname, Kyle and his best friend, Shaggy, uncover the ethereal roommate’s identity. Together they find out that the ghost, once a student at Heffron College, had been murdered.

Fellow student Autumn Fleming complicates matters by stumbling onto Kyle’s mysterious past. He’s not who he says he is, and where did all that money come from? Now Kyle has to protect his own secrets while trying to expose the identity of the killer.

Throw a demon into the mix, the return of Kyle’s former roommate, and a series of bizarre earthquakes. Can justice be done before everyone on campus is thrust into mortal danger?

The Ghost of Heffron College is the second novel from Carol Shay Hornung, author of Asperger Sunset.
This book was inspired by two small, private liberal arts colleges in the upper Midwest, and people familiar with one or both campuses will find Easter eggs here and there in reference to those schools. However, all places and ghost stories are used fictitiously. Except Raphael the Theater Ghost. He’s real.

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