Slips of Yew: A Dez Duchiene Mystery, Book 1

“Where were you last Tuesday?”

Dez Duchiene moved to New York City three years ago, married Stevie Langford, the man of his dreams, and buried his upper Midwest roots. When a homicide detective appears at his door, that past resurfaces quickly.

Whitney Travers, conservative politician in liberal Madison, Wisconsin, and also a friend and mentor, dies unexpectedly. While Dez struggles with the man’s political stance, he goes home for the funeral. Kelsey Travers asks Dez to investigate her father’s death using his connections from his activist days. He can’t say no to his childhood friend.

After the funeral, Stevie, mortified by what he sees as a red state, returns to New York. As Dez delves into interviews with colleagues, friends, rivals, and an attractive distraction he met at the funeral, he worries Stevie may have left him for good. Dez’s journey takes him back to the Madison he loved, and uncovers changes that break his heart.

Can he solve the murder and save his marriage before he loses everything?

Available in paperback and Kindle: (February 14, 2021)